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Shirley Baldwin

I love to see players figure out that one thing that’s holding them back so they can play at the next level. I can’t wait to help you and be a part of your growth!


I am so excited to be a part of something so amazing! I have spent the last 15 years in baseball and it has been an enlightening experience. I have made so many lifetime friends and connections. I’ve had experience as a scout, an agent, a mentor, a life coach, an advisor and a friend.


I’ve had years when I created nothing but went to a bunch of ballparks and games, and I’ve had years when I created a ton and didn’t attend a single game. Every experience added to the next and this game is in my soul.

"Talent may get you on the field, but it's effort & attitude that will keep you there."

Ken Griffey Jr.

We Keep You Connected

Weekly Private

Zoom Calls

Each week you will have a coaching call with me. We will go over questions, fears, obstacles, and character refining.

Weekly Group

Zoom Calls

On this call, you will have a chance to ask questions to a MLB scout, manager, coach, or player. This also gets you quality exposure that you won’t get anywhere else.


FaceBook Group

Here you get constant coaching. You can talk to me, your cohorts, ask questions, read articles, and get the insiders scoop.

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