What if you knew exactly what teams were looking for?

What if you were able to get the inside scoop, live, from current MLB scouts, players, coaches, and managers? 

What if you had a personal coach at your fingertips to help you navigate through your career and life…to be there through whatever situations may arise? 

What if you were able to feel confident walking up and introducing yourself to any scout or coach that shows interest in you, and even those who don’t?  

What if I told you, you can

Welcome to My Major League Mentor, where we help players become the person a team will want to sign.

15 years of


We have the know-how you need.


Lisa Gulino

If you have a child or someone you know who has the willingness and the passion to make baseball part of their future life, working with Shirley will certainly open up doors they would otherwise never been able to walk through.


Matt Rossignol

President of Rossy’s Training

Working with Shirley was very beneficial. She took me under her wings and made me feel like family. She led me to opportunities that I wouldn’t have had without her and I always felt like she cared about my career just as much as I did.

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Your Passion, Our Guidance

Your Success

We know how passionate you are about baseball. At Major League Mentor, we guide you on a journey through growth and knowledge, down a path to success. We want you to succeed, not only on the field but off the field as well.