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Chicago and Mike

Updated: Sep 28, 2018

I had the privilege of meeting one of my clients, Mike Gulino in Chicago this past weekend, where he attended a couple tryout camps. The first day was at the Hammond Lakers field. This was a cold, rainy day for me! What a beautiful area and wonderful people though. I loved getting to know Anthony Spangler and TJ. They love what they do and turn out some really good ball players too! Mike did amazing. Had the best time and accuracy of any of the catchers there.

Of course we had to go to the big league Sox game to relax that night. Thanks to Manager Renteria, for the hookup.

Next day was a very long, very warm day. Another beautiful park, Standard Bank, where the Windy City Thunderbolts play. A lot of catchers. Needless to say, Mike did great and was completely exhausted by the end of day two. Lots of good things happening for him! Can’t wait to be in the bleachers at an MLB park watching him!

UPDATE: Mike just got signed by the Chicago Dogs indy team! This is great news. The American League is a good place for MLB scouts to find and sign players.

Mike Gulino and Shirley Baldwin

Baseball Catcher

Scanning at Baseball Tryouts

Tryouts in Progress

Shirley Baldwin and Mike Gulino

Big League Sox game


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